"Gracie" 8yo AQHA Ranch Mare for Sale

"Moontimes Ms Doc Bar" AQHA#3767102

This 8yo well broke ranchhorse mare is a good horse to get the work done. A very calm, gentle mare that has the talent to become a real nice cutter, roper, team penner, ranch horse shows or just anything you want to do with her. She has been working on the ranch for years, gets the cattle work done & will go through anything on the trail without a problem.



These types are worth their weight in gold.


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Price $5,000 

These pictures were taken Fall '05 when the Rod's Western Palace catalog crew were here. They used her for one of their horse models. Gracie is about 14.2- 14.3 hands, a gentle, smart, friendly, calm, good natured mare, very patient, bombproof as they come - nice mind, great confirmation, & pretty impressive pedigree.  She is a rare horse that your grandchildren can ride anywhere & he will baby-sit them for you, then you can climb on & enter some ranch horse shows, get some work done or go for a nice quiet trail ride with your buddies. For this price, she will sell quickly.

Here is another picture that made it to the FRONT page of this Spring's catalog!

I found many more pictures of Gracie on the web site in action! These pages are of us moving & doctoring cattle. I will tell you page by page. It is the pretty gal that my husband Mark is riding: (grey shirt):

Top picture - middle horse
5th & 6th picture - horse on right
last pic - horse 1 in from the right
Moving the Cattle - 1st Page

Top pic - on left - Mark with beer...
4th pic - on left - Mark standing
Last pic - Mark & Gracie on left talking
Moving the cattle 05' 2nd page

Please phone for video of Peppy and his foals.

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