Peppy's 2004 Foals!


OK! Our first new baby is born - It was Hill Billie! Fooled me...! She didn't even have milk yet the night her little boy was born.

This little guy is about 6 hours old & checking out this big new world.

This little boy was born April 18th & is 5 hours old here, taking a nap. His mommy (Tina a great roping mare) ,is 26 years old! What a mare she is!!

Here's Cougar's new little filly, born May 6th! - as you can see Cougar's had a rough night. I feel like that after a night out at Swamp's...

This new young'un was born May 24th. Razzle Dazzle's colt was running laps in 3 hours! (30 minutes old here)


 Sugar Finally came through - and the little filly was well worth the wait!!...     


Who are you & what are you doing???

She is truly a "SugarBaby"!!

Here is the SugarBaby at 1 month old.


This is Taz & her little girl born April 1st. 

Jenny, (her owner) says "...And man is she full of speed. She just runs circles around the pasture as fast as she can. We've got high hopes for this filly. We named her Gracie."

This is "Gracie" at 1 month old!





Here are some nice pictures to look at while you are waiting...