Peppy's 2006 Foals!
Pics are added as they are born...


Here is Jazz's first foal - a little fellow later named "Rocks" because he tried to eat rocks before he tried grass...I don't know if that's a good sigh or not!

This below is amazing: Keep in mind that this foal is this mares' first baby - a first time mother. Rocks was several hours old, dry, and lying in the straw sleeping, but shivering. Jazz took her nose & pushed straw over the top of him making a blanket to warm him. I didn't think folks would believe me when I told this story, so I took pictures. Here she is below, covering him:

Rocks, snoozing comfortably with his mommy putting the finishing touches on his blanket

 Here he is sound asleep after his first lessons on how to stand, walk, & a full belly after his first warm meal. under mommy's' close supervision.

Here is "Bonnie", (below) named after Mark's Aunt Bonnie who was quite an admirable woman whom we are sorry to say died at the same time this filly was born. We will remember her always. We named this baby after her in remembrance. .

Here is little Shooter just being born.

Mom - "Tari" is checking out her new baby.



 This is me with our new baby boy!!!.     Jazz did do most of the work though.

Rocks is still wet & trying out his legs for the first time

Here is "Rocks" at 3 weeks old - bold & friendly as can be.

"Rocks" investigating the old cowdog - "Montana"

Turbo had a little girl here at the exact same time as Jazz! Here she is below. What a busy night that was!

Mark giving the new little lady some assistance at the standing up thing:

The little lady is trying out her new legs for the first time - wow, they sure are wiggley!!! She's getting it here, just a little more practice!!

Here is "Shooter" - a little boy looking around for his first meal.