Fun & Family Pics!


A bunch relaxing on the porch on lunch break.

Me & my new house pup "Camo" & her first riding lesson on "Jaz"

Gettin ready to bring in the Herd.


This is one I had taken of Mark & Me last week! Yea.


Mom, my Big Sis Jane, & Me posing on the porch with the cowdogs .


Mom, Jane, & me - I'm putting them to work too.


Here the Cody & his buddy Brandon were supposed to be checking a calf when Brandon (new to farmin), went into the deep stuff. Cody had a pretty big job getting his friend out of this one but "no problem", he had tools nearby! Longhorn calf "Molly Joe" in the background watching the whole thing. Wonder what she was thinking...

Grampa & our son "Chris"  showing off his wonderful welding skills!

This is Cousin Shelby Graduating Preschool!

 Grampa & the Boys building a new fence.

"Little" brother "Paul" out checkin cattle

"The Explorer's" Jane & Ken in the Sahara

Big Sis "Jane" at Cape Bon in Tunisia, Africa by where they lived for a few years.

Grampa & cousin Dylan drivin the Massey

Ride 'em Cowboys (Ann & Mark S.)

My Sis Christie & Critters on the porch