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Vacation in the Keys!

Summer of 04" Cody & I went down for our yearly trip to the Florida Keys. I was raised just above the keys in Boynton Beach Florida. We stay at my sister's & my mother's and have a great ole time! 



This is our favorite place for an evening cocktail & relaxation after a day of snorkeling. 


 Cody climbing up to jump off into the sea...!

Cindy & Cody heading out to the reefs

 Coming back after our first day of lobstering - the hotel in the distance

Cody out of the water picking his nose after getting stung by a jellyfish 

Cindy & Bob having lunch.

Cody sharing his cheetos with the fish

 here we are snorkling

Cindy & Bob with our days catch - first day of lobstering

Bob giving me pointers on how to clean the little fellows

Lookie here - what we caught today!

 here we are

 on our way to dinner


Please phone for video of Peppy and his foals.

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