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The Home of AQHA Quarter horse Stallion Peppy Dry Bonanza

The Building of our New Indoor Arena!!


pulling down the old hog barn

Mark on the Oliver bringing down the old Hog barn -Summer 2002



ground prep for the arena

Burned & Buried the old Hog Barn and getting it level again. -2002


steel for indoor arena

The Semi's pulled in with the Steel March 17th!!  2004 -  unloading the steel


new indoor arena

March 25th, 2004

indoor arena steel building                                        arena steel roof                                    tractor arena prep

            Mike                                                                            Seth                                                                           Eli


Won't be long we'll be ridin in there - Chasin cows, Playing polo with walmart balls & broomsticks, Mounted cowboy shootin, & carryin on!!! Rain, mud, night, or cold won't be stoppin us!! Mark won't be able to get me off my horses at all to cook him dinner!! He had better be eatin plenty now,   before it's finished...I kinda figure he'll be too busy ridin colts & cleanin stalls to eat dinner anyway.                                                           


building the indoor arena

April 16th, 2004 - sides on, working on the roof. Had a few rainy days to slow things up a bit...

Mark tractor indoor arenaworking up the indoor arena

May 4th , 2004- Frame & doors are finished, getting ready to put the lights in!!

indoor horseback riding arena

May 23rd, 2004 - Lights in & playin!!!

indoor horse riding arena



arena drag

Mark's birthday present - a brand new box blade!! Cody & I really surprised him!!


May 2005 - can't believe it's been a year since it was complete...time sure passes fast when your busy!

indoor arena prep & building hitching posts


Look what we did!!! Pertiying  up the place a bit here! Me, Mark, Grampa, Lori, Chris, Cody & Shanna are proud!

working on the hitching posts

Grampa putting the finishing touches oh the hitching posts here

arena decor wagonantique wagon - arena

Look at the wagons we built! -and we can play with them when their not just looking pretty!!

calf roping dummy

We even built a new calf roping dummy with the scraps, since the old one died.

fixing up the indoor arena

Grampa planted a little tree for our anniversary.

2 horses herding cattle

A feller out west made this for us.

Mary Lisa & our new hitching post

Me & my herding help hanging out - think it'll hold me?!!







Please phone for video of Peppy and his foals.

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