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My Name is Carter Smith, I'm 16 years old, And a member of BIG DOGS DERBY TEAM and Since I was little I have always wanted to drive in a Demolition Derby. I have followed the sport and I've helped the drivers. Soon I will be driving in my first one, I will be driving a 1977 AMC Pacer Wagon. That's a Compact I'm dropping a Ford 2300 motor in it, so I should do good. These are some pictures of derbies around our area in starting with 1995. Hope you like it...  

This is a picture of Tony Beck's 1976 Chevy Impala Wagon. He got 4th place at the 1995 Gallia County Fair Demolition Derby, and 3erd at the Mason County Fair 1995. (Bub's Car in the Background)

Dwight "Bub" Woodyard's 1971 Olds Wagon He won 1st Place at 2000 The Gallia County, 2000 Mason County Fair's Demolition Derby, and 5th at the 2000 Meigs County Fair (Outlaw) Derby.


This is me and Bub (the King) after he won the 2000 Gallia County Fair Demolition Derby

This is Bub after the Meigs County Fair (Outlaw) Demo Derby. He placed 5th.

This is Ryan Glover's 1973 Chevy Impala. He's on his way to the feature at the 2000 Proctorville Old-timer's Day's Demolition Derby. He placed 1st.

Here's Doyle McDonald's (333) 1975 Ford Mustang II, working on two of our local rivals #2 Shawn Regal and #24X Rod Brown. He won the 2003 Mason County Fair Compact Car Demolition Derby he finished 4th in this event and 1st in the Mason county fair derby with this car.

This is my car. It's a 1977 AMC Pacer Wagon. I bought it from a guy from Iowa, and I plan on running it in the future Cabell County Fair Compact Demolition Derby in Milton West Virginia, and if there is anything left of it It will be ran at the 2006 Hocking County fair Compact Demo Derby in Logan Ohio.

Brad Kemper's 1987 Ford LTD, the Big Dogs first attempt at a Ford product.

Rob Harrison's #00 square-back that he took to McArthur in April of 2005. 

Ryan Glover's 1977 Chevy wagon for McArthur in April 2005, He took 3rd in the feature. 

Ryan's square-back after winning third at McArthur.



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#32 Forever


(more to come)

By: Carter Smith & Mary Lisa Carter

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