Working Cow Dogs - Texas Heelers

Located in Ohio: 

 We have for sale "Texas Heelers" - the cross between a Red/Blue Queensland Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) and the  Australian Shepherd (Aussie). 

The "Texas Heeler" not only herds and heels, but they handle a charging cow without a problem. As we start out to round up the cows, a few invariably  attempt to charge. These dogs meet the challenge eye-to-eye, with every muscle tense and ready. With cat-like grace, they inch forward to meet the cow, and, in a split second, before the cow charges, They rush forward, grab the cow’s nose and give it a quick twist. The cow jumps back quickly and turns around with a snort. Then, the dog heels and ushers the cow forward to the barn yard. What intelligence, cunning and split-second timing! Many farmers are quite surprised that a heel dog can handle a charging cow, but it is the pure "Texas Heeler’ that has it all - so far advanced that one cannot help feeling they are the greatest.


  Howley just had her last litter of pups in October. They are all sold now, and we have fixed the females! Here is a picture of our son's girlfriend Lori with all 6 boys below; brother "Tex" on the side.  We have over 300 pups all over the country that have become quite some legends. I will occasionally post names & numbers of folks who are breeding our "grandpups". Here are 3 for now:

Mike & Jody Foreman     740-368-3631    Ohio     (litter born 1/2/8)

Chuck & Tammy Woodrig    570-925-6555     Pennsylvania

Denise & Brent Semmingson    740-762-2271    Ohio


Texas Heeler dogs for sale puppies cowdogs


Here is a link to a web site showing action pictures of one of our pups that has achieved quite a reputation in our country as an athlete! You will have to see this to believe it!  "Five"

 Parent dogs are the working cattle dogs on our ranch. They are extremely smart dogs & make excellent working dogs or just great pets! The pups in the pictures below are from previous litters and have been long sold. There are pictures of the parent dogs at work with the cattle all around our web site - they are used on almost a daily basis. They LOVE their work!


Top Dog - "Montana"

Top working dog male

"Howley" - Workin' Mama

Working Ranchdog female

"You might be a Redneck if..."

Redneck is below - the other of our females.  


Ranch dog female

Montana (Dad), Redneck & Family

working cowdog family

These pups are born mostly white, then darken over few months of life - where they either get the blue or red Heeler color, the blue or red merle color of the Aussie. You get quite a variety of color with this Texas Heeler breed. Always the medium (burr resistant)  fur coat of the heeler. 75% Heeler / 25% Aussie. 

They are born knowing how to herd. The main things you have to teach them as pups is to only work when you ask them to & to come (call off) when you ask. You can teach them to come to you at an early age. They pretty much pick up everything else on their own. They are very loyal dogs & probably the most athletic & intelligent dogs you'll ever own. 

"Montana" playing ball - he throws it back to you. (age 14+ very old for a hard working dog) In his younger days there was about 5 feet of air under his hind feet here! (like his son "Five") - He was unbeatable at soccer, & tether ball !! See more on "Cody's Page". His years of raising pups are over due to Montana's advancing age. It takes many years for a dog to prove himself good enough to be a stud dog. If you want a good pup now, you'll have to settle for one of his grandpups.  

Look in the "Moving the Herd" & "Spring Roping & Doctoring Calves" type areas on the "Latest News" page for action pictures of the cowdogs at work.

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