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Peppy's Foals


quarter horse

peppy san badger colt

Grulla grullo foal horse for sale

quarter horse

Colonel Freckles Jewels Leo Bars Clarks Doc Bar Poco Tivio

colt aqha

colt aqha

Baby Horse Foal

Please take a look at the Horses we have for Sale here at the ranch by Peppy also. We are offering 24 at this time from weanlings to "In Training" colts.

Here are some pictures of some of Peppy's weanling colts and foals

You can see similarities in their characteristics.

Look for a pretty, small head - some folks call the "Dry Doc head"; a nice sloping hip with low tail set for collection; straight, strong legs with short cannon bones; a long hock; a short back so they can easily collect themselves; even, smooth muscling; a withers to hold your saddle on on with an overall "balanced look": and an intelligent, gentle eye. As you look through the pages of Peppy's produce, watch for the consistency of these traits. These foals are a pleasure to train.

What I cannot show to you in a picture are probably the most important traits - their personality, attitude, and intelligence which is what I mean by "trainability". They are outstanding in this respect. Maybe you also, will someday have an opportunity to see this for yourself! Folks are all welcome to come and experience his foals here at the ranch at any time.

Zan Sun Zantanon Puro Tivio Colonel Freckles Rey Jay James

quarter horse

Three Bars Gay Bar King Go Man Go Docs Oak Steel Dust

Baby foal horse

foal aqha

Baby Horse Foal

Grulla grullo foal for Sale

Please phone for video of Peppy and his foals.

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