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THIS AGREEMENT made on ______________, 2008, by and between, MARK CARTER, (stallion owner) and

__________________________________________(mare owner).

1. STUD FEE: Seven Hundred Fifty Dollars ($750.00).

2. *No chute fee will be charged if mare has proof of recent negative uterine culture prior to breeding and is up to date on all vaccinations and worming. A uterine biopsy is also recommended if the mare has ever been a problem breeder in the past. The veterinarian may charge for ultrasound or vet trip, etc. if mare requires special treatments. We do contact owner of mare first.

3. Payment: Mare Owner agrees to pay said money on the dates indicated below:
a. Booking Date:_____________ Deposit Amount One Hundred Dollars ($100.00)
(deposit forfeited if Mare does not arrive at ranch by August of that year.)
b. Date of pick-up of mare from ranch: Vet fees (if any), Mare care (see below), and Stud fee balance of Six Hundred Fifty Dollars (650.00).

4. Care and Feeding of Mare: In addition to the above breeding charge, Mare Owner agrees to pay the following: Eight dollars per day for feed and stall; Ten dollars per day for "wet mare" (mare with foal at side). This fee includes boarding cost.

5. Live Foal Guarantee: In the event that Mare Owner's mare does not take and become in foal, Stallion Owner agrees to breed that same mare again for no cost of additional Stud fee consideration at any time during same or the next breeding season at Mare Owners request after mare has been veterinary checked and treated for genital tract infections. Mare Owner will be responsible for any additional chute fees and mare care fees. "Live Foal" meaning able to stand and nurse for at least forty-eight (48) hours after birth. Mare Owner is required to give 3 vaccinations of Pneumobort K to pregnant mare during 5th, 7th, and 9th month of gestation. Mare Owner is encouraged to prevent mare's ingestion of fescue grass or hay for at least 3 months prior to expected delivery date of foal.

In the event that said mare does not deliver a live foal, Stallion Owner agrees to give Mare Owner the right to an additional service to said mare at any time within one year from the last date of breeding said mare under this Agreement. Stallion Owner shall have no further liability hereunder for servicing said mare. A substitute mare may be used if said mare is found infertile or dies before she settles. A chute fee only is required for rebreeds.

6. Veterinarian Certificates: Mare Owner warrants that said mare is free from disease or infection that could be transmitted to other horses, and agrees to provide, upon arrival, a veterinarian certificate, showing freedom from disease or infection. This shall include proof of a negative Coggins test for EIA within one year of arrival at ranch. Stallion Owner reserves the right to reject any mare that is in poor condition or one that is unmanageable. Mares that are not halter broken will not be accepted.

* MARE must have recent uterine culture and be up to date on all vaccinations and worming. -culture may be done upon arrival at owners expense.
Stallion Owner warrants that said stallion is free from disease or infection that could be transmitted to said mare, and agrees to pay for and provide a veterinarian certificate, showing such freedom from disease or infection.

7. Veterinarian Care: Stallion Owner agrees to use reasonable care and caution for said mare while in his possession or control, pursuant to this agreement, and is authorized to obtain any necessary reasonable veterinarian as required, but only after taking steps to contact Mare Owner without success. Any resulting fees from such emergency will be the responsibility of Mare Owner.

8. Risk of Loss and Hold Harmless: Mare Owner agrees to assume the risk of loss due to injury, sickness, or death of said mare except where caused by negligence of Stallion Owner, his agent or employee.

9. Registration: Stallion Owner agrees to execute all necessary documents of the registration of the offspring of the breeding.

10. Termination: Either party may terminate this Agreement for failure of other party to meet any material terms of this Agreement. In the case of any default by one party, the wronged party shall have the right to recover reasonable attorney's fees and court costs as a result of said default. In the event that Stallion dies, or in any way becomes unfit for breeding, then this Booking Contract becomes null and void and any deposit will be returned.
This Agreement is governed and shall be construed under the laws of the State of Ohio.

Signature____________________________________ Date: ____________
Stallion Owner, Mark Allen Carter

Signature___________________________________ Date: ____________
Mare Owner

Print Name:_________________________________________________


City ___________________________ State: ___________ Zip Code_________


Mare's Registered Name:_______________________________
Registration#________________(please attach copy of mare's registration papers)

Attending Veterinarian: Dr. Bill Crank, D.V.M.
U.S. Route 35
Henderson, WV 25106
Office phone 304-675-1270

NOTE: Artificial Insemination procedures will be used to breed your mare. Mark Carter, (owner of the Carter Performance Horses Ranch and Peppy Dry Bonanza) and our attending veterinarian Dr. Bill Crank D.V.M. are both certified by Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in Equine Artificial Insemination.

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