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Veterinarian Guideline for Mare Preparation and Breeding using Chilled Shipped Semen

*Considering the $100.00 cost to the Mare Owner for the collection and shipping of the semen to them, we recommend these guidelines to ensure the highest chances of the mare conceiving with only one insemination :

1. Mare palpated normal.
2. Cultured and treated if needed.
3. Maiden mare - 2years:
a) uterine biopsy (recommended for mares with history of difficulty with conception or delivery)
b) hymen opened if present - 2 weeks prior to breeding

4. Synchronize heat : (optional- Natural cycle is best if possible)
a) Regumate 14 days, followed by Lutalyse day 15.
Mare then palpated daily for follicle - 2cm.


b) Lutalyse 2.5mg , then palpate day 1-thru-7 for follicle.

5. Call breeder day 15-17 (mares ovulate 48 hours before end of heat)

6. Ship semen on day of follicle - 2.5cm.

7. Administer 5000IU HCG IV after insemination. (optional) NOTE: We have used “Ovuplant” instead of HCG with much improved results.

8. Palpate/ultrasound for ovulation 24-48 hours after insemination - If no ovulation depression Rebreed. - Call Ranch immediately and we will have more semen to you by the next morning.

Any questions call Carter Ranch - # BELOW or
Dr. Bill Crank D.V.M. @ office 304-675-1270
fax 304-675-5585

Please phone for video of Peppy and his foals.

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