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Frozen Equine Semen for Peppy was collected & is stored with Gumz Farms, a member of "Select Breeders". 

Please phone Carter Performance Horses for help to set up Frozen Equine Semen shipment @ 740-379-2701.

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Frozen equine semen for trancontinental use Gums Farms

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Frozen Semen Distribution

Once you have booked your mares, Gumz Farmís experienced professional staff handles all the details of the shipments and breedings. If you wish, mare owners or your veterinarians may contact us directly to arrange shipments or we can process shipment requests directly from Carter Performance Horses. The choice is yours. Either way, Gumz Farmís staff is there to process the orders and provide technical assistance so that semen is shipped as the request is received. All of our frozen semen shipped express with reputable carriers such as FedEx. This can be most efficient when breeding multiple mares at the same location. We can send all the semen at once for it to be stored locally to be used when your mares are ready. 

Each year Select Breeders Services processes more than 400 frozen semen shipments, for domestic and international use. The laboratory at Gumz Farms is equipped with an abundant inventory of nitrogen shipping containers, all housed in special protective shipping cartons. Each and every shipment contains detailed information about the semen including post-thaw semen quality and handling and thawing instructions. Also available upon request are sterile non-spermicidal insemination kits. And the technical staff is always available for consultation with the receiving veterinarians.

 Amy Gumz
7491 S 100 West
North Judson, In 46366
Phone: 574-896-3264
FAX: 574-896-4000


FAQ's on Use of Frozen Semen by Select Breeders Services: 

Frozen Equine semen for intercontinental use

Select Breeders Services Educational Articles

Frozen Semen Import & Export

Instructions for Thawing & Managing Frozen Semen

Step-by-Step Management of Mares with Frozen Semen

Requirements for Frozen Semen Export". Peppy has already completed the quarantine process & testing required for export. ( These costs, of course, are not added for use of Frozen semen in the USA.) 

 Semen Export Fees & Related Costs

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Please phone for video of Peppy and his foals.

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