Horse Training & Colt Starting

Ranchhorse training, Cowhorse training, Cutting & Reining horse Training


Mark, myself, and our partners work together as a team. We guarantee your horses to be rode/trained 5 days a week.

horse training

We use Natural Horsemanship such as Clinton Anderson, Pat Parelli, and Ray Hunt techniques to train our horses. This tpye training gives the horse the good strong basic foundation for any events you would like to use them for.

Carter Performance Horses

Horse training in indoor arena

With our new 150 x 75 Indoor Arena we can train horses in any weather. It is well lighted with good footing. 

 Training is $700 per month including feed & board. We specialize in starting colts & ranch horse training.

quarter horse training cutting horse training ranch horse training

horse training

Teaching a young horse how to open gates

horse training

Training a horse for team penning

Cowhorses for sale Ranch Horses for sale Cutting horses for sale

  Ranch horse training

cutting horse training

This young filly is learning how to navigate difficult terrain.

trail riding horse training

Trails are a good experience for any horse & there are certainly many around here to train your horse on & get a little work done while we are at it. The ground stays rideable most of the winter with easy, southern Ohio weather.  

ranch sorting training

Horse training 3

Moving the herd

We have 350 acres of pasture, creeks & woods to trail on plus 100 head of cattle that frequently need checking, vacinating, working and/or moving.  Our indoor arena is set up to be able to hold cattle for training your young horses on cattle for cutting, working cattle, roping, ranch horse, cowhorse & basic roping events. 


reining horse trainin

Bringing in some cattle

Horse Training in Ohio stalls

 We have safe, clean, new facilities. Our new barn has 12' X 12' stalls with rubber matting on the floors and part way up the walls. We use sawdust for bedding and clean stalls, feed, & hay, (home grown, excellent quality alfalfa, orchard grass, clover mix), and water twice a day.  

Ranch horse training

Cutting horse Training

cutting horse trainnig

Cutting horse training

We have hand built a sturdy round pen to use for starting the colts & refreshing the older more advanced horses.

Below are pictures of the Round Pen. I am riding the horse here. I specialize in ground work, teaching respect, manners, and desensitizing (de-spooking). Mark does a bit of everything - ground work, starting colts, to the more advanced training of the Ranch horses.

Horse training in round pen 1

Round pen training

Horse training in round pen 2


cutting reining reined cow horses training

We get our foals used to people right away.

Teaching "Jaz" to ride bareback & give softly. This is Jaz's 3rd week of training.

We always have 25 - 35 horses for sale from weanlings to "in training" colts to finished horses. They will make you great cutting, reining, team penning, cow horse, ranch horse, or any performance horses! We also have many finished horses that are already money winners in NCHA cutting & NRHA Reining. Take a look at our "Horses for Sale" area of the site. Please phone & speak with "Mark" for information or videos on the horses that we have offered for sale.

Hoirse Training on Mechanical Cow

Mark training a horse on the mechanical cow  

ranch sorting team sorting ranch horse

 cutting horse training

Teaching a young horse cutting basics.


../../My Poco Lena Doc Bar Peppy San Badger Horses for sale

More about our Training...

Check out these pages - working pictures of us roping, cutting, & vaccinating calves on horses & moving the cattle:

Roping & doctoring the Calves

Moving the cattle

Please phone for video of Peppy and his foals.

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