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    Horse Training

cutting horse training

This young three year old is learning to run up hill....


 We expose all horses in training to as much as possible. We like to ride them outside as well as arena work. We train well rounded horses with a good mind to accept new things.

Carter Performance Horses

cutting horse training

...And then be able to calmly accept a young or beginner rider.


We use Natural Horsemanship such as Clinton Anderson, Pat Parelli, Ray Hunt & Dale Moulton's techniques to train our horses.

Horse training Ranch horse training ohio

Mark training a horse on cattle, developing confidence, and getting a job done at the same time.

quarterhorse trainers in ohio

This horse is building her confidence facing up with the cow.

  Ranch cowhorse training reining horse training

Training a horse about moving herd with a little help from the main dog bringing up the rear.

Black Horse NCHA NRHA Futurity prospect quarter horse training
Training this black horse and sorting the calves.

ranch horses training

Teaching both a young filly about people and a young girl about young horses.

Horse training ranch broke horses for sale pay parelli techniques
Introducing a horse to crossing deep mud.

Horse Trainers John Lyons horse training clinton anderson

Introducing a big creek crossing with a new horse.

 ranch horses training

This is Mark & I (Mary Lisa) on a couple of young horses.

HorseTrainer - Mark Carter natural horsemanship training

We like to teach a horse how to fire up to 100 MPH...

cutting horse for sale

Natural horsesmanship horse training

Then, calm down to a relaxed, attentive ole boy like this.
A horse needs good emotional control

horse for sale

You may take the time to look closely at these pictures to see that there are, for the most part, no bits on most of these horses. Trained with the natural horsemanship techniques, there is no need for bits. Nothing more than a soft rope around their nose is needed, even for advanced work.

ranch horse training
Teaching a horse about creek crossings

ranch cutting training
This horse is negotiating her way down a steep hill side.

horse training

Horses need to be able to be calm & relaxed even when riding through a herd of horses.

We always have 25 - 35 horses for sale from weanlings to "in training" colts to finished horses. They will make you great cutting, reining, team penning, cow horse, ranch horse, or any performance horses! We also have many finished horses that are already money winners in NCHA cutting & NRHA Reining. Take a look at our "Horses for Sale" area of the site. Please phone & speak with "Mark" for information or videos on we have offered for sale.


Check out these pages - working pictures of us roping, cutting, & vaccinating calves on horses & moving the cattle:

Roping & doctoring the Calves

Moving the cattle


More about our Horse Training..


Horse Training is $700/month. Call for availability on training. We only take in a few outside horses per month.

Ranch horse training cowhorse john lyons techniques
A first introduction to cattle.

  Horse training on the trail cross country

Showing a horse how to go down a slippery, muddy creek bank.

Horse Training - Horse crossing creek

Horse Training - Horse in Creek
This horse is calmly watching while the dogs frolic around it in the cool water. Attention is on the rider as you can see by this mare's ear position.


Please phone for video of Peppy and his foals.

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