Ranch Horse / Cowhorse 12 yo Mare for Sale

"Cee Boston Pine" AQHA #3339336



Ranch Horse / Cowhorse mare for Sale

SOLD 8/6


(This girl is a very good friend of mine & she is one good hand with a horse. (as you can see) This mare is her personal horse that she has ridden for many years. Take a good look at these pictures of the things that this mare is doing - I have many more taken on this day that are just as amazing. If this is the type horse that you are looking for - calm, sweet, gentle, that anybody can ride, call Denise about her & try her out for yourself because she will sell very quickly. These type "BROKE" horses are far & few between.)


We have shot off of her.

38 calliber pistol demonstrating Cowboy Mounted Shooting











Don't make the mistake of waiting too long on this horse - she is a nice one and will sell quickly.




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"Cee Boston Pine"

All around ranch horse / anything horse!





As an added service to our customers, we offer a full page, (for each foal) on our web site for our clients at no cost to help them promote their foals for sale by Peppy. This mare is owned by Denise Birchfield. Inquiries will need to be directed to her. - contact info above. 


Please phone for video of Peppy and his foals.

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