Movin' the Herd - Page 2

The Home of AQHA Quarter horse Stallion Peppy Dry Bonanza

We've got them just about there now


Moving the cattle 1

moving cattle 2

Waiting a the last few to filter back into the last gate


moving cattle 3

I finally get into the picture with our son Cody - we are just about done for the day - time to have a cold one & maybe head on down to the honky-tonk!


                      moving cattle 4          

Mark, Lynn, Mary Lisa, Cody, & Fritz - cattle all cozy now


moving cattle 5

closing the back gate for the day - until next week

moving cattle 6

Lynn & Cody

moving cattle 7

Mark discussing next weeks round-up with Fritz & Steve.


Please phone for video of Peppy and his foals.

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