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“6 Hall of Fame Horses on His Papers” - 4 will transfer to his foals!!

It is rare to get bloodlines like this for this price! Doc Bar, Dry Doc, Peppy San Badger, Poco Bueno, Mr San Peppy, & Poco Lena (the greatest cutting mare that ever lived to this day!)= all AQHA & NCHA Hall of Fame horses!

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Peppy Dry Bonanza - He is pictured here playing in the arena. Scroll down to pedigree.

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Peppy Dry Bonanza - The Pedigree
Peppy Dry Bonanza
Doc Bar Peppy San Badger Stallion Dry Doc Poco Lena
    Lightning Bar
  Doc Bar Dandy Doll
Dry Doc Poco Lena Poco Bueno


  Mr San Peppy
Miss Bonanza Peppy Peppy San Badger Sugar Badger
  Star Bonanza Pute Cee Bonanza
    Sota's Star

Peppy Dry Bonanza - Pedigree

NCHA Bronze Award,
1971 NCHA Futurity Winner,
1974 AQHA Reserve World Champion Sr Cutting horse.
NCHA Silver Award,
3rd in the 1975 AQHA World Champion Sr Cutting Class,
NCHA Certificate of Ability
Earned $85,148 in NCHA money. 96 cutting points. Superior Cutting Horse. 14 Working Class wins.
1976 2nd NCHA Finals Non-Pro.
1978 5th NCHA World Champion
1978 2nd NCHA Finals Non-Pro.

Stallion Sire Record:
World Champion Sire, NCHA
Reserve World Champion Sire
Superior Performance Sire
AQHA Champion Sire
NRHA Get Money-earners
NCHA Get Money-earners
ROM Performance Sire
Performance Point Earner Sire
Halter Point Earner Sire
Working Cow Horse Get Money-earners

Offspr NRHA LTE Earnings: $68,122
Number of NRHA Offspr: 176
Offspr NRHA LTE Avg Earnings: $387
Equi-Stat Offspring LTE CUT Earnings: $3,872,503
Equi-Stat Offspr Avg CUT Earnings: $10,727

Outstanding Get:
Bo Doc, LTE CUT-$45,011
De Doc, LTE CUT-$92,958, NCHA World Champion
Doc Town Bar, LTE CUT-$73,692
Dry Clean, LTE CUT-$265,821, NCHA O Super Stakes Champion
Dry Darlena, LTE CUT-$102,016
Dry Doc's Dottie, LTE CUT-$104,608
Dry Docs Pal, LTE CUT-$83,454
Dry Dot, LTE CUT-$124,521
Dry Oil, LTE CUT-$217,905
Dry San, LTE CUT-$91,082
Dry Shadow, LTE CUT-$45,148
Dry Tivio, LTE CUT-$84,077
Jimmy Doc, LTE CUT-$72,774
Miss Dainty Doc, LTE CUT-$44,005
Miss Rey Dry, LTE WCH-$34,845.82
Par Protegee, LTE CUT-$50,859
Real Dry, LTE WCH-$4,731.26

Leading Sire List
Equistat Leading Performance List: #13 - Leading CUT Sire - Lifetime Earnings $3,764,201/$10,544
A Leading Paternal Grandsire of NCHA money earners with $1,180,921.
A Leading Maternal Grandsire of NCHA money earners with $2,922,640.
A Leading Paternal Grandsire of Reining money earners.

Miss Bonanza Peppy
King Ranch Mare - (they own only mares they have confidence in!)
NCHA Certificate of Ability.
NCHA Earnings of $5,873.

Entered in to AQHA HALL OF FAME 1992.
Raced 1 yr, 4 starts, 1 third $95.
22 Halter Class Wins, 10 Grands, 1 Reserve Grand, 36 Halter points.

A Leading Sire of 31 AQHA Champions.
A Leading Sire of 132 ROMS.
7 Starters, 28 Starts, 1 ROM, $1,098.
207 Open Performance Point earners with 4,571.5 points.
101 Open Halter Point earners with 2,492 points.
13 Youth Halter point earners with 250.1 points.
24 Youth Performance point earners with 1515 points.
6 Amateur Performance point earners with 59.5 points.
118 Open ROMS, 1 Amateur ROM, 13 Youth ROMS.
27 Open AQHA Champions.
4 Youth AQHA Champions.
9 Open Superior Halter horses.
3 Youth Superior Halter horses.
20 Open Superior Performance.
7 Youth Superior Performance horses.
2 World Champions
4 Youth World Champions. 1 Youth High Point winner.

39 NCHA Bronze Awards.
20 NCHA Silver Awards.
6 World Champions.
19 reserve World Champions.
A Leading Sire of NCHA World Champion Cutting Horses, NCHA Futurity Champions, Derby Champions. He sired a total of 485 foals, which earned 8,888.5 points.

Doc's Dee Bar - AQHA Champion, ROM, Superior Halter, Superior Western Pleasure.
Doc's Dandy Doll - Superior Cutting, World Champion Youth Cutting.
Janie Bar - AQHA Champion, Superior halter, Superior Cutting.
Mansilla Bar - AQHA Champion, Superior halter, Superior Cutting.
Doc O'Lena - 3rd NCHA Cutting Horse Derby, a Leading NCHA Champion Sire.
Doc's Classy Ann - Superior Trail Horse, Superior halter, Superior Showmanship, Superior Western Riding, AQHA Champion, ROM. Plus many other Champions in NCHA & AQHA events.

Poco Lena

AQHA Champion, Arena ROM.
Honor Roll Cutting Champion in 1960, and 1961.
Superior Cutting Horse.
Superior Halter Horse.
NCHA Reserve World Champion Cutting Horse 1954, 1955, 1959, 1960, 1961.
High Point Cutting Horse 1959, 1960 1961, 1962.
NCHA World Champion Cutting Reserve., 4th place, placed 4th in 1954, 1955, & 1956.
Most folks say “Poco Lena was the greatest cutting mare that ever lived!

Dam of:
Dry Doc - NCHA HALL OF FAME, World Champion Cutting Horse, NCHA Futurity Champion.
Doc O'Lena - NCHA Futurity Champion.

Peppy San Badger NCHA HALL OF FAME.
Arena ROM. 41 Performance points, Won 1981 NCHA Finals.
3rd 1980 NCHA Finals, 1980 Reserve World Championship.
Won 1978 NCHA Cutting Horse Futurity. Earned $172,711 in NCHA money.
NCHA Silver Award, NCHA Bronze Award, NCHA Platinum Award, NCHA Gold Award.
The Leading Sire of Aged Cutting Event Money, with earnings in excess of $28,000,000.

Stallion Sire Record:
World Champion Sire, AQHA & NRCHA SB
Reserve World Champion Sire, AQHA & NCHA, TP, RN, Jr WCH, CUT, WCH
Top Ten World Show Sire
Superior Performance Sire, CUT, RN
AQHA High Point Performance Stallion Sire, RN, CUT, WCH, INTL CUT, INTL WCH;
AQHA Reserve High Point Performance Stallion Sire
NRHA Get Money-earners
NCHA Get Money-earners
ROM Halter Sire
ROM Performance Sire
Performance Point Earner Sire
Halter Point Earner Sire
Working Cow Horse Get Money-earners

Equi-Stat Offspring LTE CUT Earnings: $22,519,549! (that's a pocketful!)
Equi-Stat Offspring Avg CUT Earnings: $21,864

Leading Sire List
AQHA Performance List: #13 All-time leading sire of perf ROM qualifiers - 100; #15 Leading sire of '98 pt.-earning O perf. horses - 38; #11 Leading sire of '99 pt.-earning O perf. horses - 47
Equistat Leading Performance List: '98-#4 Leading CUT Sire-All Ages & Divisions-$1,313,622/$4,144 Avg; #1 - Leading CUT Sire - Lifetime Earnings
$20,235,501/$20,969 Avg.; #38 Leading RN Sire, All Ages, All Divisions - $15,170; Avg. $948

Outstanding Get
Amando Peppy, $232,762 LTE-CUT
BB Little Trooper, 11 Perf. Pts., '94 Hi.Pt. CUT
Brigapep, $223,063 LTE-CUT
Cd Chica San Badger, $279,038 LTE-CUT; COA, Bronze, Silver
Clays Little Peppy, $204,880 LTE_CUT
Delta Flyer (Pt), $260,213 LTE-CUT
Diggers Rest, 1 HLT, 187.5 Perf. Pts., '96 Hi.Pt. WCH; '95 AMT Superior RN; '94 O Superior RN
Docs Little Peppy, NCHA earnings: $84,341.63, COA, Bronze, Silver, Gold
Dox Peppy Lark, 40.5 Perf. Pts., '93 Hi.Pt. CUT Geld.
Dual Pep, $307,384 LTE-CUT, '98 World Champion Sr. CUT
Dual Peppy, NCHA earnings: $70,327.24; COA, Bronze; AQHA earnings: $1,800+, '98 AQHA Res. World Champion Sr. CUT
Freckles Bo Badger, 77.5 Perf. Pts., '95 Hi.Pt. WCH
Haidas Little Pep, 10 Perf. Pts.;$425,174 LTE - CUT, '86 O 2nd NCHA World Champ.
Im Full Of Pep, 11 Perf. Pts., '83 NRCHA World Champ. SB Futurity
Imari Tari, $253,950 LTE-CUT
Irish San Badger, 62.5 Perf. Pts.; $2,298.18, '93 Superior RN; '89 & '91 AMT Res. World RN
Iron Badger Miss, 43 Perf. Pts.; $1,245.65, '88 Hi.Pt. Jr. CUT
Lenas Paula Pep, 44 Perf. Pts., '96 Hi.Pt. CUT & Jr. CUT; '96 Res. World CHAMP
Lil Dry Peppy, '97 $3,738 RN
Little Badger Dulce, $605,729 LTE-CUT
Little Dry San, 36.5 Perf. Pts., '89 Res. World Champ. Jr. WCH
Little Marvel, 222 Perf. Pts., O & AMT Superior CUT; '93 AMT Hi.Pt. CUT
Little Quinto, 21 Perf. Pts., '93 Res. World Champ. TP
Little Rey Doc, 42.5 Perf. Pts., '95 2nd Hi.Pt. CUT; '95 AMT Res. World Champ. CUT
Little Sugar Peppy, LTE WCH-$6,347.24
Little Tenina, $394,315 LTE-CUT
Major Sno Chex, '98 World Champion Jr. RN
Ms San Badger Doc, 24.5 Perf. Pts., '93 2nd Hi.Pt. TP; '91 2nd Hi.Pt. TP
Okay Peppy, $264,257 LTE-CUT
Olena San Badger, 3.5 HLT, 80.5 Perf. Pts., '96 Hi.Pt. INTL Rn & RN; '96 Superior RN
Omlena Peppy, 107 Perf. Pts., Res. World Champ. RN & WCH; '96 AMT Superior RN
Papalotey, 50 Perf. Pts., '96 2nd Hi.Pt. Sr. CUT & CUT; '96 O & AMT Hi.Pt. INTL. CUT
Papas Fritas, 16.5 HLT, 36 Perf. Pts., '96 Y Hi.Pt. INTL. HLT & CUT;BB Little Trooper
Pardon My Peppy, 20 Perf. Pts., '95 Y 2nd Hi. Pt. CUT
Peppy Badger Chex, 41 Perf. Pts., '93 World Champ. Sr. WCH; '89 World Champ. Jr. RN
Peppy Pacito, 15.5 Perf. Pts.; $545.16, '91 World Champ. TP
Peppy Playmate, $195,868 LTE-CUT
Peppy Polka Doc, $192,795 LTE-CUT
Peppymint Twist, $215,419 LTE-CUT
Peppys Tachita, $191,053 LTE-CUT
Poco Peppy Lynx, 2.5 HLT, 187.5 Perf. Pts., '92 Hi.Pt. RN, Sr. RN & WCH; '92 Superior RN
Reylena Belle, LTE WCH-$25,000
San Badgers Glory, 45.5 Perf. Pts., '96 Y World Champ. WCH
Shastas Little Pep, LTE WCH-$6,546.94
Tang N Pep, 23 Perf. Pts., '92 2nd Hi. Pt. CUT & Sr. CUT; '92 World Champ. Sr. CUT
Taris Little Vintage, 19.5 Perf. Pts., World Champ. Jr. RN
Tejons Little Johnny, 8.5 HLT, 88 Perf. Pts., '96 Hi.Pt. INTL WCH; Superior RN
Tejons Peppy Doc, LTE WCH-$8,492.05

Star Bonanza
Dam of :
Miss Bonanza Peppy - NCHA Certificate of Ability.
Hollidays Star - 8 Performance points.

Lightning Bar
AAA, AQHA Champion.
Raced 1 year, 10 starts, 4 wins, 3 seconds, 1 third, $1,489.
2 Stakes placed, 2 Get to Sire wins, 6 Halter Class wins, 1 Grand Championship, 1 Reserve Championship.
26 Race points. 18 Halter points.

: 5 AQHA Champions
4 Arena ROMS
77 Race ROMS
6 Stakes winners
4 Superior Halter horses
7 Superior Race horses
18 Stakes placed
1 Supreme Champion
21 Halter point earners
9 Working point earners
76 Race point earners
- $477,395 earned by Get.
Sire of: Doc Bar = Leading Sire of NCHA Cutting horses, AQHA Champions, Show ROMS.

Dandy Doll
AA, Raced 3 years: 21 starts, 5 wins, 2 seconds, 3 thirds, $875,751.
1 Produce To Dam win, 1 Working Class win, 15 Race points, 1.5 Western Pleasure points.

Dam of 9 Performers:
8 Race starters
1 Arena ROM
1 AQHA Champion
1 Youth AQHA Champion, 1 Youth ROM
5 Race ROM's,
2 AAA, 2AA, 1 A
2 Stakes placed
1 Superior Halter


AQHA Champion, Arena ROM, 31 Get To Sire class wins, 6 Halter class wins, 2 Working Class wins, 37 Halter points, 8 Cutting points.

Sire of 405 foals, 215 performers.
A Leading Sire of AQHA Hall of Fame horses, a leading sire of silver and bronze NCHA Award winners, Certificate of Ability winners.
A Leading Sire of 36 AQHA Champions, 84 Arena ROM's.
A Leading Maternal Grandsire of 19 AQHA Champions.
Sire of 3 Youth Arena ROM's, 1 Reserve World Champion, 21 Superior Halter, 2 Superior Reining, 1 Superior Western Pleasure, 1 High Point Calf Roping, 2 Honor Roll Cutting, 3 High Point Cutting, 10 Superior Cutting, 4 Honor Roll Performance horses.
Sire of 118 Open Performance pnt winners with 3,617 points, 6 Youth Performance earners with 134 pnts.
163 Halter point earners with 3,522 points.
2 Youth Halter point earners with 24 points.
Get earned a total of 7,297.5 points.

Sire of:
Poco Lena - NCHA Hall of Fame & AQHA Hall of Fame member, AQHA Champion, Honor Roll Cutting Champion, Superior Halter & Cutting, NCHA
Reserve World Champion.
Poco Stampede - AQHA Champion, Honor Roll Cutting Stallion, Superior Halter & Cutting horse.
Poco Mona - AQHA Champion, High Point Cutting Mare 1958, Superior Cutting, NCHA Hall Of Fame Member.
Poco Tivio - Working Cow Horse Hall of Fame, AQHA Champion, NCHA Bronze Award.
The list of his outstanding get is too long to list here...
Dam of AQHA Champions: Poco Lena, Poco Tivio.
Dam of Honor Roll Performance horses, 1 Superior Performance horse, 2 Superior Halter, 5 Arena ROM's.

1976 AQHA World Champion Sr. Cutting horse.
1976 High Point Cutting Stallion.
Arena ROM, Superior Cutting Horse.
161 Performance Points.
1972 NCHA Derby Champion.
1974 NCHA World Champion Cutting horse.
1976 NCHA World Champion Cutting horse.
Silver & Bronze Award winner.
Won 1972 NCHA Finals Non Pro.
3rd 1973 NCHA Finals.
1973 5th NCHA World Champion Championship.
1975 6th High Point Cutting.
1976 2nd High Point Cutting.
1977 4th NCHA World Championship.
1977 7th High Point Cutting.

Sire of 154 Performers, including 43 ROM's, 3 Amateur ROM's, 9 Superior Performance horses, 1 World Champion, 1 Amateur World Champion.
126 Performance point earners with 2,127 points.
32 Amateur Performance point earners with 160 points.
4 Youth Performance point earners with 14 points.
3 Galter point earners with 22 points.

A Leading Maternal Grandsire of NCHA money earners with $2,266,447.
A Leading Sire of NCHA money earners with $2,294,392.

Sire of:
Peppy San Badger - $56,835 LTE-CUT; NCHA Hall of Fame, World Champ. NCHA CUT 3 times; Res. World Champ.; Get $ earners $13,000,000
Organ Grinder - High Point Cutting, Superior Cutting, ROM, 3rd at World in Cutting.
Chiquto Peppy - $36,301 LTE-CUT
Marie Olena - $36,075 LTE-CUT
Miss Peppy Also - $168,324 LTE-CUT
Mr San Dancer - $92,878 LTE-CUT
Mr San Mio - $69,040 LTE-CUT
Peppys Gem - $48,597 LTE-CUT
Peppys Toast - $74,103 LTE-CUT
San Peppy Sam - $97,916 LTE-CUT
Sanetta Doc - $35,773 LTE-CUT
Sue San Lynx - $36,344 LTE-CUT
Sugars San Peppy - $109,024 LTE-CUT
Tejons Olena Peppy - LTE WCH-$5,496.88
Tenino San - $144,657 CUT; 33 Perf Pts.; NCHA Hall of Fame
Tia San - $37,356 LTE-CUT
Tio Doc - $33,207 LTE-Cut
Tot Ogin - $74,905 LTE-CUT

Sugar Badger
Dam of:
Honey K Bar - AQHA Champion, Arena ROM, Superior Halter horse.
Peppy San Badger - NCHA Hall of Fame - see above.

Pute Cee Bonanza
AQHA Champion, Arena ROM.
28 Halter points, 21.5 Performance points.

Sire of 57 performers, earners of 481 Open Halter, 39.5 Amateur Halter, 103 Youth Halter points, 850 Open Performance, 113.5 Amateur performance,
840 Youth Performance points.
16 Open ROM's, 2 Amateur ROM's , 8 Youth ROM's.
4 AQHA Champions.
2 Youth Champions.
1 AQHA Supreme Youth Champion.
3 Open Superior Halter.
1 Youth Superior Halter
5 Superior Performance.
1 Superior Youth horse.
1 Amateur Reserve World Champion.

Sire of:
Circle J Bonanza - Superior Huntseat horse, Arena ROM, Youth Supreme Champion, AQHA Youth Champion.
May Be Rain - Superior Halter.
Token Bonanza - Superior western Pleasure, ROM, Reserve World Champion Western Riding.

Sota's Star
Not shown.
Dam of Performance Point earners.

I will include only the well known horses from the right side of his pedigree so as to save space...

Three Bars (TB)
Moderately successful on the track.
Sired 499 American Quarter Horse get.
Sired 412 race starters; 318 race winners.
Sired 431 performers; 29 AQHA Champions and 14 Racing World Champions.
Died in 1968 at age 28.

Foaled in 1932, son of Zantanon.
Bred by Manuel Benavides Volpe.
Show ring champion under Jess Hankins.
Earned grand championships in halter.
Sired 658 foals; 218 performers.
Sired 35 race starters; 17 winnners.
Sired 20 AQHA Champions.
Died in 1958 at age 26.

Leo San
Sire of 2 AQHA Hall of Fame horses:
Mr San Peppy
Peppy San Badger
And many more Champions -NCHA & AQHA...

Coy's Bonanza
AAA, Superior Halter horse.
1963 High Point Halter Stallion.
Arena ROM.
AQHA Champion.
59 Halter Class wins, 45 Grands, 25 Reserves, 154 Halter points, 3 Reining, 4.5 Western Pleasure points.
Sire of 144 Performers.

A Leading Sire of 57 Arena ROM's.
A Leading Sire of 26 AQHA Champions.
Sire of:
2 Race ROM's
22 Superior Halter horses
16 Superior Western Pleasure horses
1 Superior Hunter Under Saddle
1 Superior Steer roping
22 Superior halter horses.
95 Halter point earners
89 Working point earners
22 Youth Working point earners
2 Amateur Working point earners
2 Race point earners.

Please phone for video of Peppy and his foals.

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